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As near as we can tell in Kiosk History the was the first spinoff of and it started in 2003. Initially used as backup archives for published news on which was being phased out and deleted by Networld. was started in 1997 before being sold. was a second iteration started in 2005. Updated MT blog database.

Many Thanks to our sponsors for making this archive possible. Kiosk Industry. Kiosk historical information is retained and kept for now as a usable archive thanks to the Kiosk Industry.

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From 2011

The Gokiosk group is organized to help support individuals and companies who are involved in the kiosk and self-service industry (or have been at some point).  If you are a member of LinkedIn then you can join the group if you have spent any serious time in the industry. That would go for someone who worked for Factura back in the 80s, or someone who worked for Target Corporation (people who bought and deployed kiosks from Factura originally).

The group has close to 1000 members and within that group is subset of noted management board members.

Here are the 2011 Kiosk Industry group mananagement board members.

Here are our original charter Kiosk Industry management board members and we say thanks.

The Industry Group comprises a wide variety of sites and news feed from kiosks to digital signage to POS and Smart City. Retail Automation, EV Charging are others.

Here is a list of news we cover:


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